One Less Coyote and Grazing Ewes

We finally were able to get a clear safe shot on the coyote that’s been hanging around. Generally we try to leave the coyotes alone. If they respect the fences and dogs and don’t bother us or the sheep we don’t bother them. The last time we had to...

Easter Dinner

Lovely Easter Dinner: Mutton Racks, Rice, Fresh Salad from Small Potato Farm and a Pinot Noir from Terror Creek Winery. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Rebuilding the Sheep Sweep – Ewes on Pasture

We’ve had some problems with the sheep sweep over the years. The sheep have worn a path down the middle and the panels have sunk into the ground. This year we decided to put some gravel down on top of weed block and then use old mine belt to make a more durable...

Burning Brush

Started to burn the west orchard brush piles today. That’s where the ewes will go first for lambing so we need the brush gone. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Moving Fence Panels

Larry’s back to build another section of fence. First task was to remove the welded wire panels that made up the temporary fencing. He used the brush rake to move the panels.We built a large stack over by the guest house in front of the shop. Desert Weyr Farm...