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Desert Weyr Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

13 October - In Winter Corrals
13 October - In Winter Corrals

13 October - In Winter Corrals
21 October - Feeding the Boys in Snow

We are pleased to be breeding the rare and endangered Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. This is a old British breed noted for both meat and wool production. Small and easy to handle they provide good meat as well as lovely wool for handspinning. Check out our wool pages for raw fleeces, washed and carded roving and spun yarn. The fleece is a dark black or reddish black called cuchddu. We use all the products from our sheep, in addition to our handspinning fleeces there are always fleeces which are not up to our high standards that we use as mulch. Sheep manure is a wonderful fertilizer and we offer it free to local gardeners. When we butcher an animal we save the hide and have it tanned. We also save and prepare the horns from the rams for use as decoration. It is our responsibility to use as much of the animal as we can and we take our responsibility seriously.

The ewes are polled and the rams have an impressive set of horns. Our flock is selected primarily for high quality wool for handspinning with meat production as a secondary goal.

We have reached our goal of developing a core breeding flock with 4 separate bloodlines. All of the animals here in North America are descended from an original importation by Mr. Tom Wyman in the 1970's. This importation consisted of 13 ewes and 3 rams.

To help in widening the gene pool we worked with a cooperative group of breeders to import frozen semen from U.K. rams for use over the next few years. For details and pictures of the two rams whose semen has been collected for use in this country check out our UK Ram page. We inseminated our first ewes in the fall of 1999. The first UK sired lambs here in the United States were born January 2000. We got a ewe lamb sired by Hounsley Harry and a ram lamb sired by Hounsley Jack. We have been using the ram and have anumber of second generation UK bloodline animals. In addition we are proud to be the first flock to use the newly imported semen from Julia Paterson's ram Abbotstone Urwin. His first lambs were born this spring and are doing well.

We offer breeding quality animals for sale regularly. We also offer raw fleeces, roving, quilt batts and yarn for sale. Check out our sales list for more information on what is available today.

Oogie also serves as the Secretary/Treasurer and now the Registrar of the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association. This is the only club approved by Mr. Wyman, the original importer. This Association has complete records on all the Wyman sheep from initial importation to present for verification of pedigree. Check out their web site for association information, a breeders listing and to read the back issues of the newsletter.

We have both US registered and British registered animals. For more information on the British Society contact the Secretary at:

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders Association
Secretary Lesley Lewin
Lake Villa
Holsworthy, Devon EX22 7SQ
United Kingdom

After the 2004 General Meeting of the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association, Mr. Will Workman, from Wales, traveled to Colorado and evaluated our flock. Out of 60 ewes he picked out the top 17. He also ranked all 17 of our adult rams, all 17 of the remaining ram lambs from 2004, and picked out the top 9 out of the remaining 17 ewe lambs. As promised here is the start of a page showing the top ranked sheep and his notes. Will Workman's Top Desert Weyr Sheep

Here are pictures of some of the 2007 sheep.

Here are pictures and contents of the bag I carry out during lambing.

Here are pictures of some of the 2006 sheep.

Here are pictures of some of the 2005 sheep.

Here are pictures of some of the 2004 sheep.

Here are pictures of some of the 2001 sheep.

Here are pictures of some of the 2000 sheep.

Here are pictures of some of the 1999 sheep.

Here are more unsorted pictures.

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