Meat for Sale

Desert Weyr, LLC is proud to be a supplier of top quality mutton and lamb. Our Black Welsh Mountain sheep are fed entirely on mixed forage pastures and hay along with a custom mineral supplement. We never feed any grain to any stock at all.

We are not organic, because we provide our sheep with the vaccines and appropriate dewormers as required for our area to prevent disease and keep our sheep healthy. However, we routinely double the slaughter withdrawal time for all such treatments.

All of our sheep are processed at Homestead in Delta, Colorado. They are a full USDA inspected facility.

Our meat is 100% fully guaranteed. If you are not happy for any reason, just return the package label for either a full refund or replacement, your choice.

We offer a variety of frozen meats at our farm store on Garvin Mesa and in Paonia at Lizzy’s Market.

Standard Cuts of Mutton
Frenched Rack of Mutton $23.99/lb
Loin Chops $21.99/lb
Whole Leg Boneless $15.99/lb
Whole Leg Bone In $12.99/lb
Shoulder Roast Boneless $13.99/lb
Boneless Rolled Breasts $5.49/lb
Mutton Pave Steak $15.99/lb
Boneless Chump Roast $15.99/lb
Shanks $8.99/lb
Ribs $4.49/lb
Stew Meat $8.99/lb
Ground Meat $8.99/lb
Smoked Kolbassi Sausage $14.99/lb
Sweet Italian Sausage $14.99/lb
Tongues, Liver, Heart or Kidney $2.50/lb

Special Order Items
Whole Mutton or Lamb $6.75/lb Hanging Carcass Weight

Closing at the end of October. For winter we are open by appointment only. Free delivery to Paonia.