Dogs and Chickens

Becky & Harri with the rams.Today is chicken bath day. We are showing them on Tuesday at the Delta County Fair so they need to be bathed and cleaned now.Stephanie with one of the Gold Campines.Unhappy wet chickens. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Chicks Arrived

All the chicks arrived this morning. This batch is the 100 red broilers. We raise one batch a year. We keep half for us and sell the rest. We also got 25 pullets for egg laying. The egg breeds we are trying this year are Russian Orloff, Dorking, Ancona and Welsummer....

Chicks are Growing

The baby chicks are growing well and feathering out nicely. We already turned off the big heater and now only have a couple of heat lamps for them at night. Soon we’ll be able to turn those off too. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Chickens and Geese

The geese are out in the small pen beside the barn during the day and we’ve gotten our first goose eggs. We’re pulling the eggs from the geese for sale as eating eggs until we decide whether to let them raise goslings. We still don’t have a slaughter...

Happy Chickens

With the combination of construction and the snow all the chickens are being kept in their house for the winter. To keep them happy we take lots of treats, scraps of food, stale bread, vegetable pieces like carrot ends or bits of lettuce and stuff. Here the chickens...