Sample Socks, Cloak and Concrete

We got samples of the socks we are having made from our Black Welsh Mountain wool. We will be offereing both a hiking crew and a terry sock in mens and womens sizes. These are the first 2 samples. I also put a label on my fabric. Bill used the tractor to do final...

Porch Construction

The posts holding the roof need to be set in concrete piers. They will have a large footer so the next thing was to get them positioned properly and dig the holes. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Winnie & Construction

We moved Winnie in with the rams so we could let them out to graze the front pear orchard. She’s really being good about staying with them. Construction Work Started.First task was to remove the old porch cover. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Porch Construction Started

Bill’s back to add a covered deck out back of the house. First task is take down the existing small covered porch. The construction trailer.Taking down the old small porch. We’ll add a concrete patio to the right between the door and the garage and deck on...