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Our fleeces, rovings and yarns are all pure Black Welsh Mountain sheep wool unless specifically listed as another breed or as blended items. We are participants in the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em program with the Livestock Conservancy. If you are a participant let me know you need your sticker in the order notes.

Raw Fleece Notes: Due to the drought last year we fed hay the entire year. Our sheep were not coated. All the fleeces have huge amounts of VM in them. They will need to be flicked out first before washing. We also had a lot more sun fading on the tips than is normal due to the heat and lack of humidity. Based on what we got from the ones we processed into roving you can expect about 45-50% yield. Because of this our prices are set at no more than $6/pound.

Shipping Notes: Raw fleeces are hard to ship. The cheapest I could find for the boxes I use averaged $24/box to ship 1 fleece. I wish I could do something about that but I am at the mercy of the shipping places. Neither UPS nor USPS could give me very good rates.

Wool products can be shipped anywhere in the US.

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