Today we had 4 students from the Culinary School of the Rockies out to help on the farm and learn about where food comes from.

We had a busy day, starting at 7:30 this morning we worked most of the flock. We had several task to perform, most important was to vaccinate all the lambs. We also took the opportunity to evaluate all the ewes and lambs. We have to start selecting sheep for slaughter and for sale so having extra hands to hold sheep, scribe, vaccinate and move sheep was most welcome. A job that would typically take Ken and I 2 or 3 days to finish got done in one very long morning.

I did not get many pictures at all. This is Kade holding up a ram lamb for his shot and evaluation.

I was really please to be a host farm for these students and we had a great time. I hope they learned a bit about what goes into producing good local food in a sustainable manner.