We got the ewe yearlings out to graze the little bits of grass coming up around the guest house. Why get out a lawnmower when you have sheep! But the grass must be too young still, it doesn’t taste good yet and they didn’t like it. They did have a wonderful time racing all over and checking out the shop porch but we need some more sun for the grass to get sweet enough that it’s fit food for sheep.

Of course with real grazing going to happen soon it was time to get out all the electric nets that had been stored for the winter in the barn and make sure they were all ok. We really should check them before we put them in storage but somehow we never manage to get it done. So the first task of the grazing year is to check all the nets and repair any broken wires. We already checked the fence chargers and batteries and they are ok. So here we are stretching out each net and inspecting it. Ken repairs any broken bits with hot melt glue and wire as needed. We got all the stored nets checked and repaired. The only ones we did not check are the ones being used to keep the dogs in. We’ll check those and repair them when we move the dogs around for grazing guard duty.