The farm had a major milestone today. This old travel trailer has been here for at least 10 years. It was used as a temporary guest house on occasion and Oogie stayed in it when she first got here in the fall of 2000 with the sheep. It was not in great shape, wasps had started to build nests and we had no use for it.

We thought about selling it but that seemed like a lot of trouble. The effort to sell it or make it road worthy was just too much. So we just left it. Last week in the local paper was an ad for a person wanting an old used travel trailer to make into an eggmobile for chickens on pasture. This seemed like a perfect recycling use to us. So today the trailer has been given away and moved off the property to go be turned into a portable laying house for chickens.

I hope it makes a great place for the chickens to lay tasty true free ranged eggs and be protected by predators at night.