Flavorful Grassfed Meat for Sale

For a tasty flavorful treat sized for today’s ethical eater try some of our wonderful mutton.

Our Black Welsh Mountain sheep are fed entirely on mixed forage pastures and hay along with a custom mineral supplement. We never feed any grain to any stock at all. This ensures you the best flavor and nutrient rich meat so you can enjoy a smaller portion.

All of our sheep are processed at Homestead in Delta, Colorado. They are a full USDA inspected facility.

Our meat is 100% fully guaranteed.

If you are not happy for any reason, just return the package label for either a full refund or replacement, your choice.

Standard Cuts of Mutton

  • Frenched Rack of Mutton $24.99/lb
  • Loin Chops $24.99/lb
  • Leg Roast Boneless $15.99/lb
  • Shoulder Roast Boneless $13.99/lb
  • Boneless Rolled Breasts $6.49/lb
  • Shanks $10.99/lb
  • Ribs or Neck Fillet $6.49/lb
  • Whole Neck $6.49/lb
  • Stew Meat $8.99/lb
  • Ground Meat $10.99/lb
  • Smoked Kolbassi Sausage links $14.99/lb
  • Sweet Italian Sausage links $14.99/lb
  • Tongues, Liver, Heart or Kidney $3.50/lb

Whole sheep

Whole Mutton or Lamb Custom Cut and Wrapped $7.50/lb Hanging Carcass Weight.
Whole Mutton or Lamb “Kill and Chill” a whole cooled carcass that you must age and cut yourself. $5.25/lb Hanging Carcass Weight.

If you have a freezer and wish to buy an entire animal we can provide whole sheep processed to your specifications. Whole sheep must be picked up in Delta, Colorado at Homestead Meats. We pay all processing fees.

Special Cuts

These are usually only available in the late fall and early winter.

  • Mutton Pave Steak $15.99/lb
  • Boneless Chump Roast $15.99/lb
  • Whole Leg Bone In $12.99/lb

Buy Our Meat

At Our Farm on Garvin Mesa in Paonia Colorado,

Call for appointment. Free delivery to Paonia.

At Lizzy’s Market in Paonia

At Farm Runner’s Station in Hotchkiss