Models relaxing after the sheep sweep show held over several days in western Colorado.

Ewes raved at the latest designs from Oogie M at the final showing of the new fall collection of Ovine Barn Wear this week. With over 100 pieces in the new collection there was something for every sheep. Colorful patchwork was a highlight of the show as old coats were refreshed with new purple edging and contrasting patches on the sides and neck.

It took nearly the entire flock to show all the new styles but there was much duplication with only minor variations in the detailing around the tail tucks, neck lines and leg straps. However a surprise was the prominent sizes written on each and every coat. No modesty for ewes this year, if they wear a 34W everyone will know.

A model displays the latest in patchwork coats for the fashionable ewe.

No fear of too thin models being banned from the runway in Colorado. All the models in the show were plump and fluffy. A few delicate lambs sported specially tailored coats to accentuate their diminutive features. Many ewes are in the smaller sizes now but are expected to be wearing the new maternity line soon. In addition to the nearly 100 coats displayed on models an additional 58 coats were made for the show but not displayed.

And in an unexpected move Oogie M has declared that she will be introducing a mid winter line of coats based on the same styles but in different colors. “I’m not sure what colors to use yet. Dark ones do not show the sizes well and our stable of models is always growing so we need to have a variety of coats in all sizes for them to wear.” She is planning a trip to the fabric store during the fall sale in November.

“Our ewes are very concerned about pricing so taking advantage of discount fabrics is important to our line. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be well made. As you can see from this collection a well made sheep coat is a staple of the ewes wardrobe for several years. A few of our older models are sporting coats they have had since lambhood.”

All in all it was a successful show.

For information on how to adapt Oogie M patterns for your own flock please see her simple directions here