Recap: I needed a faster way to take notes during brainstorming sessions

After reviewing traditional shorthand, LiveScribe and a couple other choices I narrowed my choices down to EasyScript and QuickHand.

To get a feel for the two systems I bought two books off Ebay, EasyScript Express and a Quickhand Self Teaching Guide. Yes I knwo that in many places libraries have these or can get them via inter-library loan but our county library does not have those books and the cost to get them via ILL was more than purchasing my own used copies on E-bay. Many rural libraries charge for inter library loans so you have to carefully weigh the cost of an ILL vs buying the item even if you only plan to read it once.

I have finished reading both books and practicing with both systems for a short while.

My opinion now is that of the 2 systems EasyScript is the easiest to learn, fastest and most adaptable.

My take on the 2 systems:

Presumes legible longhand writing, a major negative point for me personally who always uses a mix of script and printed letters in normal writing.

Strict system of abbreviations for specific words you have to memorize

Presumes taking transcriptions not just notes. Focus is on capturing as fast as someone can speak, useful but I tend to abbreviate my notes as I only need to remember what I was thinking not what exactly someone said except in a few cases.

Looks like a modified form of Gregg shorthand in how it is written, position and penmanship matter

Defines several rules for how to abbreviate any word

Ignores how you write what the abbreviations are, script, print symbols they don’t care just that you use a consistent framework based on word structure.

Very flexible in terms of subjects you can take notes on because the rules are based on word parts not on specific words.

Explicitly allows and suggests defining a personal set of abbreviations based on your specific needs and topics.

As you can tell from the above I found EasyScript much more adaptable and useful.

I am now going to explore Easyscript more and may invest in the more detailed training options available. I have already seen an improvement in how fast I can capture/collect thoughts using the few rules I have managed to really memorize. I got a bit confused trying to learn both systems so I need to let the Quickhand stuff go away before I try to become more proficient in EasyScript.

And if anyone wants my Quickhand book, you can have it for the cost of shipping.