The pregnant ewes got their dewormer yesterday. One of the ways we reduce the parasite load in the pastures is to be sure to deworm the ewes 24-48 hours before they go out for the summer. That combined with our hard winters mean that we rarely have to deworm lambs until late summer when we start getting nose bot problems. So yesterday was a run through of all the pregnant girls into the sweep for a dose of dewormer. They all thought they were going to the pasture and were eager to get out. We had a lot of irate sheep when they had to go back to dry hay for breakfast.

We are still really short of grass. The long exceptionally cold winter means our pastures are running several weeks behind in grass growth so the yearlings and rams will all stay in winter corrals until the pastures catch up. We need to get the lambing ewes out before they start popping. It’s much more sanitary to lamb on pasture.

The official due date is tomorrow.