I’ve been a loyal user of SplashShopper on the Mac and on the Palm for years. It’s one of the best shopping applications out there, fast, responsive and allows the creation of many lists and stores.

When I got my new iPod Touch I was looking forward to getting SS running on it. The lask of support for traditional Palm OS is forcing the move to a newer platform.

Imagine my dismay when the SplashShopper product on the iPhone/iPod Touch is horribly slow and completely unusable as a normal shopping program.

SplashData has said that it doesn’t handle lists larger than a few hundred items. Now I don’t know anyone who only has a few hundred items they routinely buy. It’s doubly frustrating since SplashShopper works so well on the older Palm OS system.

So I made this video of a side by side comparison of identical SplashShopper databases on both my Treo and my iPod touch that demonstrates the issues.