The Lambs

I believe that we are now done lambing. There are still a bunch of ewes left to lamb but none have significant udders. The AI experiment seems to have really messed up their cycles. But then if we knew how to make it all work it wouldn’t be an experiment,...

Harri Meets the Ewes

Harri is an Akbash protection dog. This is his first meeting of our pregnant ewes. They were doing well but he is a bit more active than Kimball so they are not yet used to him. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Protective Dogs

Winnie is in with the rams and doing a very good job. She is our most protective and aggressive dog but we really appreciate her attention to her sheep. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Winter Solstice

Farms mark the year by the solar calendar. The solstice, the traditional mid winter festival when the sun starts to return. For us too the solstice is turn-around time. The days when the sun seems to stand still are our time to do a yearly reflection on the past year....