Eating the Melon!

We decided to see if the melon I harvested was any good to eat. It was wonderful, so we ate the entire melon.Very sweet and tasty! I’ve saved the seeds because it’s an open pollinated variety. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Culinary School of Rockies Dinner at Zephros

We were invited to the Culinary School of the Rockies dinner at Zephros Farm. Here the students are busily working on the feast.I got several shots of the students, both with and without the chef instructors. This was just before the rain. We had a brief downpour and...

Labor Day Labors

Today we had 4 students from the Culinary School of the Rockies out to help on the farm and learn about where food comes from.We had a busy day, starting at 7:30 this morning we worked most of the flock. We had several task to perform, most important was to vaccinate...

First Harvest!

My black thumb has not hit yet and I harvested the first of the peas today. OK so it is a meager harvest but there are a lot more growing and these sure tasted good. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Chicks Arrived

All the chicks arrived this morning. This batch is the 100 red broilers. We raise one batch a year. We keep half for us and sell the rest. We also got 25 pullets for egg laying. The egg breeds we are trying this year are Russian Orloff, Dorking, Ancona and Welsummer....