Unintended Consequences

One of the issues with the solar panels being up high to keep them out of ram reach is that they are also too high to easily brush the snow off. Now if they were on the roof we’d just have to wait until the snow melted. With them sort of close to the ground we...

Ready for Racks

End of July and both poles are installed and the first of the brackets and racks to hold the solar panels are in place. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Poles & Brackets Started

Second big pole being moved into position.Getting it installed.Mixing the mortar that holds it into place.Bracket structure started.First piece of the brackets that will hold the solar panels. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Erecting the First Pole

Things dried out enough to continue work. After some initial filling in of the holes the wires and conduit were run from the poles to the hay barn. Looking down where the metal pole will fit into the plastic pipe sleeve.Getting the first pole in place.Once the pole...