Flying Over Terror Creek

Ken and I took a ride with a friend with a plane over Terror Creek. Here is our reservoir This is the view of the watershed above the reservoir. Garvin Mesa looking south Our place from the air Another view

Bare Ground

Looks like the drought continues. We have bare ground outside now and we are below average for snow water equivalent. Our tests last summer doing extremely intensive sheep grazing helped us keep the sheep out on pasture longer than we expected. Given the state of the...

Independence Day

4th of July, grass is looking good and the lambs are growing very well.The saying in Paonia is if Mt. Lamborn has snow on the 4th of July it’s a good water year. This is a very good year, our cold spring and heavy snow means plenty of irrigation water for later...

Spring Snow

Good thing the ditch got cleaned yesterday!The snow had already started settling and melting by the time I took these pictures. Desert Weyr Farm Blog