Monday the construction crew got the joists up on the roof but today they had to quit due to the snow. Ken’s been up on top clearing snow off to try to keep it safe for when they can get back to work on it.

Our fencing crew couldn’t make it up the hill so the gates didn’t get hung yet. Most of the rest of the fence is done enough to survive winter, a good thing, over 100 elk came down yesterday and were in the property just north of us looking at the orchard through the new fence. Sheep love the snow, nice warm wool coats mean they don’t feel the cold and as you can see they are well insulated. They do tend to eat more during cold weather. We feed out about 650 pounds of hay or 10 bales to the sheep each day. It’s actually not an even 650 pounds every day, instead we fill feeders when they are empty and some days we put out a lot more than 10 bales and some days we don’t have to put out any. Today we fed 13 bales of hay to sheep and 4 to horses. Tomorrow we’ll only need to fill one feeder where the for sale sheep and sold sheep are.

When it snows we don’t have to worry about water for the sheep. They can get all the water thy need from fresh clean fluffy snow. That saves us a lot of time. Sheep love their snow cones too.