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Paonia, CO 81428

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Desert Weyr - Welcome!

It's Lambing Time and we can't wait for summer to get here.

Summer Grazing - Teasel and the Lambs Teasel and the Lambs

Welcome to our farm. We're so glad you stopped by for a visit! At Desert Weyr we develop and implement sustainable systems to conserve the rare and endangered animals that provide so much for us. Our primary goals are the conservation of genetic resources and promotion of sustainable agriculture systems. We currently work primarily with Black Welsh Mountain sheep. We also work to conserve the old apple trees.

Our Philosophy Our small family farm produces animal products in a humane and environmentally friendly way. We provide our food and fiber animals with a healthy life and a quick humane death. We manage our pastures in a sustainable fashion designed to improve soil fertility and the farm environment.

We do not feed added antibiotics or growth hormones to any of our animals. Our goal is to take advantage of our animal's ability to transform inedible plants into healthy meat and wool without destroying the environment. Ruminants are ideally suited to forage based agriculture and we have selected our sheep from those breeds which are good foragers. As a benefit we can produce high quality meat without the use of grain feeds. Our lamb and mutton carcasses are very lean and yet remain tender and tasty. Please consider our wonderful Black Welsh Mountain mutton and lamb when you are ready to fill your freezer. Whole animals available as custom cuts.

Lamb and Mutton Black Welsh Mountain brand We also have packages of mutton chops, steaks, roasts, shanks, ground meat and stew available for pickup at the farm or delivery in Paonia. Whole sheep and all lamb cuts must be special ordered. Sorry, we do not ship meat.

Heritage Apples Our apple orchard was originally planted in the spring of 1905 and came from original Stark Brothers plants. We have old style Jonathan and Red Delicious apples. We will again offer wood for grafting next winter.

If you are in the Western Colorado area we'd love to meet you in person. Call or write us to schedule an appointment. Our farm store will be opening up Memorial Day Weekend. We plan to be open Friday thru Sunday 11-4 except we will clsoe the third Saturday of every month.

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