At Desert Weyr we develop and implement sustainable systems to conserve the rare and endangered animals that provide so much for us. Our primary goals are the conservation of genetic resources and promotion of sustainable agriculture systems.

We are focused on the conservation of Black Welsh Mountain sheep and maintaining the existing genetic diversity within North America.

Our Philosophy Our small family farm produces animal products in a humane and environmentally friendly way. We provide our food and fiber animals with a healthy life and a quick humane death. We manage our pastures in a sustainable fashion designed to improve soil fertility and the farm environment.

IMG_6578_medBlack Welsh Mountain Sheep are an old British breed noted for both meat and wool production. They are small and easy to handle. In the UK Welsh Mountain sheep are noted for providing the best tasting mutton. We cannot ship meat but it is available at our farm store and in Paonia at Lizzy’s Market. Try some tasty Black Welsh Mutton at your next special event.

The fleece is a dark black or reddish black called cuchddu. Check out our shop for raw fleeces, washed and carded roving, spun yarn and sturdy hiking socks.

Sheep manure is a wonderful fertilizer and we offer it for sale to local gardeners by reservation. We also save and prepare the horns from the rams for crooks, buttons and knife handles.

It is our responsibility to use as much of the animal as we can and we take our responsibility seriously.

Come visit and see our wonderful sheep.

Farm Shop Update

Most folks do a spring cleaning but we’ve added so many products and sold out of others that I decided to completely re-organize our farm shop. I think it came out very well. I’m adding in many of the new items to the on-line store. We’ve now got more knitting tools, some books and lots of wool products including rovings, hand spun and mill spun yarns. Front... read more
Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Characteristics

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Characteristics

I use a variety of characteristics to evaluate our flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep each year in the fall. I also look at their NSIP EBVs for important traits. We’ve sorted the rams and the ewes and yearlings and only have the lambs left to do. Every year I evaluate all the sheep to decide who is staying as a breeding animal, who is for sale and who will go to butcher. First thing to look at is they must be good sheep. So we check the 3 T’s of sheep, Teeth, Toes and Tits or Testicles, depending on their sex. All sheep even rare breeds must function in their environment and on our farm that means they have to be able to hold condition, raise lambs and breed on hay and forages alone. Good teeth are critical. I look not only at the shape of the teeth but whether any are missing. The most common reason we cull older ewes is due to missing teeth. Once they start loosing their teeth they are no longer able to eat enough to support themselves and their lambs. It’s better to butcher them while they still have good body condition. Toes is shorthand for feet and legs. Again our sheep have to walk and move to get their food. I don’t want to have to deal with any foot problems so any sheep that required more than a once a year hoof trimming are candidates for culling. This is also where we cull any sheep that have bad leg conformation. Rams in particular must be up on their back legs and have good strong loins to be able to serve... read more

Yard Sale

We’re cleaning out a bunch of stuff so I’ve decided to give away and sell some of it. Nothing will be shipped, you must be able to come pick stuff up at our farm in Paonia on Garvin Mesa. Some things are gone.  I’ll be adding more later. Free Stuff For Sale Contact us to arrange a time to come pick stuff up. 527-3573 is my cell number. Everything located at 16870 Garvin Mesa... read more
Chicken Butcher Day

Chicken Butcher Day

This past Saturday was chicken butcher day. We rent a trailer and hire additional help to process all of our birds. It went very well. After scalding the chickens are plucked. Then into the inside for gutting and chilling and finally packaging. We were a host farm for another person who had abut 25 to do. Just over 100 chickens processed in 7 hours. Our chicken meat for the year plus for our... read more
New Chicken Feeders

New Chicken Feeders

We’ve been looking for a way to put food and oyster shell in for the chickens in the chicken tractor. Our existing standard round feeders don’t work well and dishes waste a lot of feed as the chickens scratch it out. I looked at a number of on-line DIY PVC pipe feeders and decided to try the simplest version. The materials consist of a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe, one 3 inch Y fitting and two 3 inch end caps. Cost for all the materials at Hope Depot was $21.00 including tax. Just cut a small piece to serve as the joint for the bottom cap and the Y fitting. We didn’t’ glue anything so that it’s easier to take apart for cleaning. It’s working well for adult chickens, not sure it would work for smaller ones as they can’t reach the feeder... read more