Sheep for Sale

Our sheep are recorded with the National Sheep Improvement Program. The 2 indices I find most useful are the USA Maternal and the Self Replacing Carcass. The second one is closest to the Welsh index used in the UK for evaluating and recording EBVs for Welsh Mountain Sheep. The cluster data is based on the genetic analysis done by the USDA National Animal Germplasm Program in 2014. The analysis looked at the entire North American Black Welsh Population and determined how many different bloodlines or clusters we have and which animals are in which cluster. We also evaluate every animal on a number of characteristics for breed type and quality and give each animal an overall score each year.

Buyer pays all transportation fees and veterinary fees for health certificates and any additional testing required for transport to your location. We pay all transfer fees for registrations. All are guaranteed breeding sound. All sheep will be registered with both the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association prior to sale. All rams will be registered with the UK Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders’ Association as well.

All of our yearling ewes and breeding rams are sold as of 9 November 2016.

We will be listing both ewe and ram lambs in the next few weeks. At this time I expect to have between 10-15 ewe lambs and 5-10 ram lambs.