At Desert Weyr we develop and implement sustainable systems to conserve the rare and endangered animals that provide so much for us. Our primary goals are the conservation of genetic resources and promotion of sustainable agriculture systems.

We are focused on the conservation of Black Welsh Mountain sheep and maintaining the existing genetic diversity within North America.




Our small family farm produces animal products in a humane and environmentally friendly way. We provide our food and fiber animals with a healthy life and a quick humane death. We manage our pastures in a sustainable fashion designed to improve soil fertility and the farm environment.

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are an old British breed noted for both meat and wool production. They are small and easy to handle. In the UK Welsh Mountain sheep are noted for providing the best tasting mutton. We cannot ship meat but it is available at our farm store and in Paonia at Lizzy’s Market. Try some tasty Black Welsh Mutton at your next special event.

The fleece is a dark black or reddish black called cuchddu. Check out our shop for raw fleeces, washed and carded roving, spun yarn and sturdy hiking socks.

Sheep manure is a wonderful fertilizer and we offer it for sale to local gardeners by reservation. We also save and prepare the horns from the rams for crooks, buttons and knife handles.

It is our responsibility to use as much of the animal as we can and we take our responsibility seriously.

Come visit and see our wonderful sheep.



Learn how we manage our small farm on a daily basis and get to know our flock!

Lands End Sculpture Center

Lands End Sculpture Center

There is a wonderful bronze foundry in our town and today we got a tour. Moving the crucible with hot metal ready to pour into the molds. The Molds are pre-heated so they won't crack. They are placed ready to be filled. The molten metal is poured into the molds...

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