For the experienced farmer
You’re an experienced farmer looking for easy care sheep that perform on forages alone.

You want to preserve and use heritage breeds because you value genetic diversity.

But you don’t want to sacrifice performance and marketability.

For the adventurous cook
Or perhaps you love to cook and eat high quality local food.

You like to try new flavors and are not afraid to test something out of the ordinary.

You know how important grass finished meats are to the environment and for your own health and you support sustainable farming.

For the fiber artist
or you are a spinner, knitter, weaver, felter or crocheter looking for speciality yarns for your next piece of fiber art.

You like the unusual textures available in heritage breeds and you need a true deep dark black wool for your projects.

The Details
At Desert Weyr, LLC we can help you find your profitable heritage breed, provide a special cut of meat for your dining pleasure or help you locate the perfect yarn or roving for your fiber projects.

Our Black Welsh Mountain sheep flock is the only performance recorded Black Welsh flock in the entire world.

When we say our sheep perform on forages only we have the numbers to prove it with EBVs provided by the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP). We maintain 2 of the 8 known bloodline clusters of Black Welsh sheep in North America and focus on maintaining genetic diversity.

Our stock are double registered in both the US and UK. We are export qualified Scrapie Free and OPP free and can provide high performance rams and ewes to discerning shepherds all over the United States and Canada. Buyers of breeding sheep must arrange for shipment from our farm on Garvin Mesa in Paonia, Colorado.

For the adventurous eaters we sell all cuts of delicious mutton at our farm store. Our store is open during the summer season Friday-Sunday 11 am to 4 pm. We are closed the third Saturday of every month. We are also open at other times and in the winter by appointment. Call us at (970) 527-3573 or send me an e-mail to arrange a farm tour and to purchase meat products.

Our yarns and rovings are available online or at the farm store. Our store has many special handspun yarns we do not put on the Web site so for the best selection come visit us. We can ship wool anywhere in the United States.