Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

BWMcircle_registeredBlack Welsh Mountain sheep are a dual-purpose breed. They are the only breed in the world that is entirely black. The ewes are polled and the rams have an impressive set of horns. Our flock is selected primarily for superb mutton and high quality wool for hand spinning. We offer breeding quality animals for sale regularly. We also offer meat at the farm store and raw fleeces, roving and yarn by mail order.

We record our flock with the National Sheep Improvement Program and are the only flock recording in the United States. NSIP provides breeders with EBVs or estimated breeding values for critical characteristics. We are selecting for top maternal qualities while not losing carcass and wool traits.

All of the animals here in North America are descended from an original importation by Mr. Tom Wyman in the 1970’s. This importation consisted of 13 ewes and 3 rams. To help in widening the gene pool we worked with a cooperative group of breeders to import frozen semen from three separate U.K. rams in two importations. The first UK sired lambs here in the United States were born January 2000. The border has been closed since then and no further imports have been possible.

Oogie also serves as the Secretary/Treasurer/Registrar of the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association. This is the only club approved by Mr. Wyman, the original importer. This Association has complete records on all the Wyman sheep from initial importation to present for verification of pedigree. Check out their web site for association information, a breeders listing and to read the back issues of the newsletter.