Our fall sheep sales list is now available. At Desert Weyr we breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep. Our flock is the only performance recorded flock in the world of this breed. Black Welsh Mountain sheep are a small sheep that is ideally suited to small farmsteads. All these sheep are trained to electric nets for grazing management and are easy to handle.

The USA Maternal number is their USA Maternal EBV from the National Sheep Improvement Program. SRC is the Self-replacing Carcass EBV also from NSIP.

Bloodlines are by pedigree and based on the analysis the the National Animal Germplasm Program folks in Ft. Collins did in 2014.

All sheep are double registered in the UK and in the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association. We pay all transfer fees.

Buyers are responsible for any required vet inspections and must pick up their sheep here at the farm.

I have two 2 year olds who lambed this past year but are spares of their bloodlines.
Codon USA
Price Name Sire Dam Birth Date 171 Bloodline Maternal SRC
$400.00 Brunhilda Wibbly Gretchen 2019-05-02 RR Cluster 6 x (Cluster 4 x Cluster 8) 107.14 112.19
$400.00 Brava Sterling Gwernen 2019-05-17 RR Cluster 6 107.64 112.32

Brunhilda produced twin ewes this year, her first lambing without assistance and they were up dry and nursed with no problem.
Brava produced a single ram with large horn buds so needed a tiny assist to clear her pelvis. She is a sweet and friendly ewe.

Then I have 12 yearling ewes who are ready to breed this year.
Codon USA
Price Name Sire Dam Birth Date 171 Bloodline Maternal SRC
$300.00 Cailin Sterling Yvette 2020-04-24 RR Cluster 6 x (Cluster 2 x Cluster 8) 106.9 112.49
$300.00 Cassiopea Sloan Andromeda 2020-04-25 RR Cluster 6 x Cluster 8 107.76 112.7
$275.00 Caprica Sloan Ygerne 2020-04-26 QR Cluster 6 108.36 113
$300.00 Caitlin Sloan Ahana 2020-04-27 RR Cluster 6 x Cluster 8 106.82 112.15
$275.00 Callista Scotty Yarrow 2020-04-27 QR Cluster 8 x (Cluster 3 x Cluster 6) 101.36 102.39
$300.00 Creiddylad Scotty Y Fenni 2020-04-28 RR Cluster 6 103.66 106.35
$300.00 Carrie Sloan Trinity 2020-04-28 RR Cluster 6 x (Cluster 4 x Cluster 8) 108.29 113.44
$250.00 Candace Scotty Mererid 2020-04-29 QQ Cluster 6 105.26 109.01
$250.00 Cyber Ewe Control Scotty Willow 2020-04-30 QQ Cluster 8 105.38 110.83
$300.00 Christina Scotty Yelsie 2020-05-05 RR Cluster 6 107.09 112.77
$275.00 Caylith Sterling Trisha 2020-05-06 QR Cluster 8 107.13 112.01
$300.00 Cate Sloan Autumn 2020-05-08 RR Cluster 8 107.85 112.55

We can provide rams that be used to breed any of these ewes as well.

To arrange a time to come see the sheep please contact me at either sales@desertweyr.com or call me at 970-527-3573