Well the wind blew the snow and there was more snow. This is the hay barn, we rarely get winds that blow snow this far under the barn.

Even the back side lane which should have been protected got a lot of snow.

The pile next to the tractor is from the driveway just in front of the house.

This is looking out the driveway.

Even the roof is drifted over. This is very unusual because the metal roof usually lets the snow slide off pretty easily.

All the animals are fine. We’re a bit short of things like milk and fresh vegetables but have plenty of food in the pantry and freezers and worst case have a whole corral full of dinner on the hoof. Ken’s going to try to plow the driveway again and see if we can get out to town today or tomorrow.

Fortunately the power is on, our internet is wireless so also ok and our phones are cell phones and also working.