Yesterday we burned the big brush pile in our field. We have to call the Sheriff to get permission now. In years past agricultural burning was allowed with no restrictions. It’s a bit of a hassle but I guess so many urban folks moved in, saw burning and didn’t understand the reasons that they had to institute some sort of system so the dispatcher can tell people who call in fires that it’s allowed. We burn brush and prunings because there is really no other way to dispose of them. We don’t have a chipper and even if we did we can’t use that many wood chips. Most of it is not any good for firewood, we salvage what can be used in the fireplace and still have more wood than we or our neighbors can use in years.

With the brush pile gone the only thing left to do to be able to get the front field plowed and planted is to move the sheep and take down the electric fencing. We’d like to remove the small white shed that is in the way but if that doesn’t happen we can still plow and plant the field.

We also had another ewe lamb a set of twins. That makes a total of 3 so far. She had triplets last year and I was really glad not to have 3 again this year even though she was able to count to three.