Spring Snow

Good thing the ditch got cleaned yesterday!The snow had already started settling and melting by the time I took these pictures. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Spring Ditch Cleaning

Spring work has started. We hired a trackhoe to clean the ditch that comes down into our property that carries our water. It hasn’t been cleaned in years and required a bigger machine than our small backhoe.Looking good! Desert Weyr Farm Blog

March Wool Work

I needed some white wool for blending with our black for new rovings so I went over to one of the big range flock operations during shearing to buy some wool. Getting the next batch of sheep in for shearing.The big flocks hire large crews. This crew had 13 shearing...

Winter Blahs

Not much going on right now. The sheep are getting fat, we fill hay feeders, fill water tanks and repeat. I haven’t been taking many pictures so not much new. Last week we had help and got all the ram lambs toes trimmed. Still have all the ewes, rams and ewe...