The COVID-19 Pandemic has had an immediate affect on our farm. Although Colorado has opened up starting this week we have made the decision that for our own health and safety we will not be opening the farm this year for farm tours or visits. I realize that this is a difficult time and that visiting our farm and seeing the lambs and sheep is a special treat for many people but we cannot afford to get sick so we are limiting our exposure to people as much as possible. I will be continuing to post a few things on twitter with pictures.

For the fiber artist our on-line store with yarn and roving for sale is still in operation. Shipping is much slower than normal as I try to only go down to town once every 2 weeks or so. Rest assured that you will eventually get your fiber and please bear with me as we navigate this strange new world. We will probably not have any raw fleeces available this year as the shipping has gotten so expensive for them due to their bulk.

Meat sales are now limited to local pickup. The procedure will be to contact me via email or phone and place an order either by a not to exceed total dollar amount or a set number of packages of the various cuts. I will contact you with the final total price and arrange for a 1 hour window in which you may come pick up the meat. We accept cash and local checks, I am not able to take credit cards at this time. Your order will be placed on our porch in a cooler and must be picked up within your time slot. We are investigating some options for limited in town delivery of meat orders but nothing is in place at this time.

Your understanding is appreciated during this unprecedented disaster.

Take care and be safe everyone.