We’re getting down to the last of the demolition projects on the farm. This old shed was near one corner of the front field. The wooden supports had been eaten by horses and the siding was just particle board that had been painted. It didn’t have any foundation, just some old treated telephone poles and was not able to be moved to a location where we could use it.

So we tore it down. After sawing it in half Ken pushed it over with the tractor so we could reach to tear it all apart into pieces that will fit into the small construction dumpster. Ken filled up one dumpster and we’ve got maybe 1 or 2 more loads before it’s all gone. None of the parts were able to be salvaged, they were all rotting and in very bad shape.

Once this is gone there is only one more real demolition job, the removal of the old apple cellar that is caving in. That may take several more years, it’s going to be a big job once we tackle it.