Grazing continues and we are on our second round of grazing the main pastures. So far irrigation water is good, but there is no snow on Mt. Lamborn. The old saying is if there is still snow on Lamborn by the 4th of July it’s an ok year for water. So it’s not gong to be a great water year by the looks of it but so far we are doing ok. It has been really hot and dry with no rains at all. The few storm cells that have come through are thunderstorms, with an increased risk of fire. There was one small fire started by a lightening strike on our mesa but it was spotted, called in and dealt with immediately. All the neighbors go out and check around for any hint of smoke or fire and we call each other if we see anything.

Electric Sheep - AKA Number 1

The lambs are all growing very well. We weighed all of them when we vaccinated and I should be getting the EBV results back soon after analysis in Australia. This is mister Number 1, the first lamb born this year. He’s one of our test sheep for EID tags. We weaned him and the other four lambs born early to the AI. They are all rams and were starting to act a bit precocious and we do not need any more oops lambs like Sooner!

Fourth of July is our big local Cherry Days festival. We will be serving Revolution Brewing Root beer and Cherry Soda ice cream floats as a fund raiser for the North Fork Historical Society on the fourth at the museums. Stop by for a float and some handmade cookies between 1 and 4 pm.

Stay cool out there!