No pictures. Sorry.

Today was a bit more exciting than I wanted. AM started with the contractor laying out our the new shop, the hoe operator moving the rock piles and getting things set to level the building pad. We got hay in to all the sheep, all feeders were empty and we had to put hay in for the girls on pasture because the aisle between the pasture and the sheep sweep was in use during the rock moving. We know the gate was latched, but just before we started lunch my husband looked up to see flashes of black racing out the front yard.

“They’re out!” and we raced for boots, hats and gloves.

Black Welsh sheep do not flock and don’t herd well. I ran to get in front of the sheep to try to turn them from heading down the driveway and over the hill. Ken tried to get in front of the side batch to put some fences up to keep them from heading out the other driveway and up the road and then he grabbed an electric fence to start putting up something to keep them somewhat corralled. As soon as I could I grabbed my cell phone and called in the cavalry. In this case the neighbors, who thankfully arrived on 4-wheelers just in time to help.

It took a while, not sure exactly how long, but we managed to get them all back into the orchard eventually. Neighbors went back up the hill and we headed in for lunch.

Afternoon was spent cleaning out the chicken condos for the egg laying chickens and catching the spare range sheep we had manged to get into our corrals and sending her on home. Thankfully she was not outside when ours escaped or it would have really been a trick getting her separated from the rest.

Dinner and a glass of wine was sure appreciated this evening!