Today was a busy day here at the farm. Stuff didn’t really get started until the afternoon but we had a lot to do.

Our first problem was the septic tank. We’ve had some sewer gas backing up into the house when we do laundry. The plumber came yesterday and we found a trap that was dry but as a precaution he suggested we get the septic tank pumped. It was last pumped in 2000 so we are a bit overdue. Flat Stanley got to help Ken use the backhoe to uncover the tank.

Cheerful Cesspool Service came out and did the actual job. They were great to work with and came the same day I called.

I took Stanley to look for eggs.

Unfortunately our chickens are old and we haven’t gotten any eggs for weeks. If they don’t start laying, now that their molting is over, they will go to be butchered by the end of the year.

My next job is to go get the mail. Our mailbox is out on the main road.

We filled hay feeders this morning so there wasn’t anything to do for the sheep. Desert Weyr Gwenda came over to sniff Stanley though.

Wye Hieghts Fychan AKA Wye Heights C-3 is by himself in a pen. He is scheduled for slaughter this week so is separated from the rest of the rams.

Last stop was to check out the main ram pen. Our guard dog Winifred aka Winnie is fascinated by Flat Stanley.