We’re continuing to replace the old DOW elk fence around the orchard. L & S Mountain Fence is doing an excellent job for us. They did the elk fence we put around our front pasture and the lower fence around the back cedars pasture so we could safely put the horses out back in summer. Their first task was to take down the old fence. This section is along the north side of our property.

Ours was some of the first DOW fence put in in the North Fork. It was installed in 1981 and has long since passed the use by date. Many of the posts were rotten and the fence was very coyote porous.
We’re replacing the section along the road on the inside of the rock wall. This is looking south along the fence line.

With all the old fence out the new corner posts were set and the line pulled to define where the posts will go for the rest of the fence. Here is the new corner post on the upper west corner of the property. We still hadn’t cleared all the rocks from the north fence line so Larry continued with the west line. We’ll be getting Enos back with the bulldozer to work on the north fenceline as soon as he can come.

With the line set Larry started to drill all the holes for the new fence with his heavy duty post hole digger. It’s going to be a wonderful fence when it is finished!Larry got all the line posts set in concrete for the west section and is ready to start welding the braces on.