OK so posting on the web site is so low on my ToDo list that it almost never gets done. But there Farm and the sheep are doing well in spite of almost no on-line activity.

2020 Lambing has finished successfully. 23 ewes bred 43 live lambs, no stillborns and no triplets which is great from our POV. We have continued to reduce the flock size to reduce our workload.

Water and irrigation are ok now but it’s expected that we will be short of water later this summer.

Our on-line store for yarn is back in operation. There was a glitch with accessing the inventory on-line but I believe it’s fixed now. As a Livestock Conservancy member and participant in the Shave ‘Em to Save “Em program we have reconfigured some of our yarn offerings so that a single skein of any of our yarns will meet the 4 oz minimum for the program.