The painting of the new shop is finished. It came out looking really nice. Just a few more things to finish inside and we’ll be done.

Today we got the first of the hay for the year into the barn. 3 loads of about 70 bales each. Then it started to rain. Now we have to wait for the rain to stop and the rest of the hay to get picked up out of the field. All we need is about 4 hours of sun and another 6 hours to get the hay up. Please, no more thunderstorms or rouge clouds till tomorrow afternoon! Hay prices are really rising this year, the cost of diesel is higher than gasoline and it’s making the cost to cut and bale hay very high. We lost another custom farmer in our area who retired so the remaining 2 people are so overbooked that it’s hard to get stuff done when it’s ready. They were a couple of days late cutting and then an extra day late baling and now it’s getting rained on. The equipment is too expensive for a small farm like ours to own so we are stuck. If anyone wants a good business there is a huge need for custom farmers in our area. High capital costs to get in, unless you buy used equipment and are able to do most of your own repairs. But a large and growing clientele.