Rocks & Holes

Spoke too soon about the rocks. The second hole and the trench ended up uncovering a nest of rocks. Some were too big for our tractor to pick up but Ken was able to push them around a bit. It’s amazing how far down 9 feet is. The forms are in place to pour the...

2 Cats in the Yard, Buck & summer Flowers

Bart brought his big backhoe up to dig the holes for the new solar panels. Orange decided to supervise so we have 2 cats in teh yard now.This buck showed up today too. Don’t know if we got deer tags or not yet but he might be a tasty buck if we do. I really...

No Rocks! So Far….

First hole is nearly done and no major rocks to speak of. This is a first for Garvin Mesa! Unfortunately it probably means there are a bunch more lurking in the next hole. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Roof Finished!

The porch is nearly finished.Bill got the last of the roof pieces on today. Only thing left is to caulk the various pieces and clean up. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Metal Roof & Fall Turkeys

Bill’s back to finish the porch roof. Here he’s bending the metal for the various edges. Getting ready to cut another piece. Later that evening we went up to the neighbors for dinner. One of the local flocks of turkeys came strolling by. A large group of...