Not a Good Start to the Year!

Not a Good Start to the Year!

Winnie got injured. Emergency vet call to come out and stitch her back up. She crawled through the water tank to get to the other pen of sheep. Something was in there. She got caught on an exposed piece of welded wire and ripped her side badly.

Summer Grazing

Summer grazing is in full swing. We are moving the sheep every couple of days to fresh grass. It looks like they are leaving a lot behind but it’s mostly dry tough stems, not very good for nursing ewes and growing lambs. Once the sheep are off a major section we...

New Livestock Guardian Puppy

We got another LGD puppy in January. She’s an Akbash and is named Teasel. She has been growing fast and is now a teenage dog.  March is continuing dry. We are scheduled to shear the sheep later this month so it will probably start snowing or raining then.