Alan, Joealan & Joe

My Friend Alan was here for a visit on the first part of his tour of the US. We had to take him down to Revolution Brewing where we met Joealan and then Joe. Couldn’t get all 3 to look at the camera at the same time though! Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Mowing the Lawn

Ken got the mower we got last year working finally. At first it was blowing a lot of oil smoke but that soon cleared up. He had to rebuild the engine.Since the sheep did not finish grazing around the guest house before they had to move to the orchard pasture for...

Editor Fail!

Whoops, just realized that I was setting my blog posts as drafts by default. Which means they were not getting posted at all! Massive cockpit error. So I will be going in and making sure they are set to be seen today once I get back from the all morning meeting I have...

Afternoon Snow

I sure hope the rams and ram lambs (left and right pens respectively) don’t decide to go walkies! There was a path up this aisle this morning. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Daily Shoot Moved

I’ve moved all the Daily Shoot pictures to a new blog Oogie’s Daily Shoot.It was cluttering up the Farm Blog so all those posts are being moved. Desert Weyr Farm Blog