Finished my small sampler of singles yarn. It’s probably going to be a handle for some sort of tote or bag. Learned some more about weaving with singles, mostly that I have to spin much tighter twist than I thought to have it sturdy enough for the beating of the reed. I also need to spin much finer. My 30 wpi singles was tight to weave at 15 epi. I need to spin something at closer to 45 or 50 wpi to be able to set the warps tight enough to match some of the historical items I want to make.
Now I’m re-warping the loom with some linen/cotton blend yarn to make some placemats. Yesterday during our Fiber Friday time I got the reed sleyed and about 1/3 of the heddles threaded. I may finish that this weekend then I get to tie on and warp the beam and start weaving.