We just got back from our trip to the eastern slope to pick up wool from the two wool mills we are using. The whole back of the pickup truck was filled with the rovings and we had 2 big boxes of yarns inside. Most of the wool is from our Black Welsh Mountain sheep but we also blended some with western finewool fleeces from a local range flock. I even sent in a few special fleeces from the fleece archives for processing. I’ll probably end up keeping most of those for myself but you never know what might show up on the web site for sale eventually.

Wool is a significant product for us and we pride ourselves on having nice handspinning quality raw fleeces and special rovings. I’ll be updating our web site sales page with details over the next few days. www.desertweyr.com wool sales

For now we have a lot of lovely rovings, straight Black Welsh, Black Welsh with Corriedale in grey, and also blended with blue, red and yellow dyed Corriedale and Black Welsh with mohair. Most of our rovings are prepared by Red Barn in Loveland, she does a great job on our wool.

I also have a lot of absolutely gorgeous yarn from a new mill that I tried, DVA Fiber Processing also in Loveland. I have some bulky straight Black Welsh, mid weight Black Welsh with Western Finewool and some lighter grey sock yarn that is a 50-50 blend of Black Welsh with Western Finewool. The yarns came out really nice and I can’t wait to play with some both as woven yardage and knitted fabrics.

If you’re looking for a special fiber to make that one of a kind Christmas present then you really should take a look at our stuff. This has been one of the best years for good wool production from our flock. Seeing all the gret wool is part of what makes doing all the work for the sheep worth it.