We still don’t have any lambs but as you can see we do have some very round sheep.

This is Desert Weyr Tanwen. She had twins her first year but only a single last year. I suspect it’s twins again this year from her size.

I have a very black thumb, but I wanted to try at least a small garden this year. Ken drilled holes in the ends of some left over trex railing that I am going to use to lay out some garden beds. My plan is to use it to mark out the beds and drive rebar stakes into the corners to hold them down. At the end of the season we can easily take the beds up and use the tractor to disk and cultivate the whole area.

I got two beds done and planted one with peas. The one in front. The back bed will have corn eventually but I didn’t want it to shade the peas.

Looking back toward the house.

The garden area is behind the new elk fence and also protected from the orchard by the old elk fence so the sheep can’t get in. We may add some side fencing so we can graze the sheep in the area but keep them out of the garden.

The other 3 types of plants we are going to try are corn, a melon and a watermelon.