I’m getting set up on Ravelry as a yarn vender. Over there my username is OogieM and our yarn brand is Desert Weyr. Here are the yarns I currently have in stock.

This is a blend of 50% Black Welsh and 50% Western Fine Wool from a local Delta County flock. It’s designed for lace or socks. I have skeins and also have full cones if you want a lot of it.

This medium weight is also a blend but has more Black Welsh in it so is a bit darker. Ideal for comfy sweaters.

Pure bulky Black Welsh for Monmouth caps and other bulky knit items where you don’t want to risk having the yarn color bleed out.

I will be getting more yarns in pure Black Welsh spun in 2009.

Our web site sales page has all the yarns on it. I will be editing as I now have more skeins of the solid Black Welsh than is listed there.