Well I was right, we got a lot of snow over the night. Flat Stanley is getting ready to leave us and go visit a friend in California. But here he is with Ken and the truck, covered in snow. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Being Filmed

I was interviewed for the movie Locavore Movie about local food, sustainable farming and the state of modern agriculture. I have no idea whether any of my answers will be in the movie. It is due to be produced only on DVD and available in the Spring of 2009.Flat...

Flat Stanley has a Busy Day

Today was a busy day here at the farm. Stuff didn’t really get started until the afternoon but we had a lot to do.Our first problem was the septic tank. We’ve had some sewer gas backing up into the house when we do laundry. The plumber came yesterday and...

Flat Stanley’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Flat Stanley joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.But first we had to make the mashed potatoes.I had made some bread so Stanley got to see it. The turkey looks great. It wasn’t done so we had to cook it some more.Oogie & Ray McGuinness at the table ready to...

Flat Stanley and the Sheep

Flat Stanley was freezing so we made him some coveralls. We have to go do some sheep work outside. This was his first introduction to our sheep toys.Ewes in the chute ready to be worked with Stanley watching. Desert Weyr Farm Blog