Easter Dinner

Lovely Easter Dinner: Mutton Racks, Rice, Fresh Salad from Small Potato Farm and a Pinot Noir from Terror Creek Winery. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Meat delivery

We picked up the next batch of kolbassi today. There will be plenty of brats for revolution Brewing this summer. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Culinary School Visitors

We had Culinary School of the Rockies students here again this year. I didn’t get pictures of both groups. We had 2 sets of students, each group for 2 days. We evaluated sheep, trimmed toes, built fence and sorted sheep. Good way for them all to lean about the...

Spring Work Continues

The last couple of days we’ve been vaccinating the sheep and also doing toe trims. I can’t do too many toes before my hands give out so we do them in batches. Pregnant ewes are now completely done except for the spring dewormer. I do that 24-48 hours...

No Fooling – It’s Time for Local Food

It may actually be spring now. Lots of people are putting in gardens and on our farm spring work is starting in ernest. That makes it a really good time to ask where your food is coming from. Who is YOUR farmer? Do you know where your food is grown? How it is grown?...