Delivering Hay

Delivering Hay

Morning Chores. We move the ewes out of the pen and close the gate. Ken can then drive a bale in and place it under the hay shed row roof. Put the hay feeder panels back around the bale and then take the twines off and let the sheep in. It’s working well. These...

Lambs & Hay

More new lambs. This ewe had twins. First of the new hay is arriving. First cutting was 708 small bales. Desert Weyr Farm Blog

Solar Panels, Ready for Hay & DNA Sweater

Time to get the solar panels up onto the shop roof for the PV system. It’s quite a long way and everyone is using safety harnesses and ropes. Hay barn is cleaned out ready for the new hay. SHould be arriving today or tomorrow. My DNA cable sweater is also coming...